Dr Derek Richards is the Chief Science Officer at SilverCloud health, I am part of the executive team that decides on the strategic direction of the company and the execution of the strategic objectives for success. Over the past years, we have built a successful enterprise and have gained significant market traction. Our success is built on our robust empirical research base. As Chief Science Officer at SilvercCloud, I know that a central aspect of where we are going is the continued attention to research. We have a rigorous research strategy that supports the commercial strategy that we are committed to successfully realizing.

As an academic researcher, I am involved in understanding how we can leverage technologies to benefit mental health, health in general and our wellbeing. Digital healths contribution to mental and behavioural healthcare has been significant, but we also know that we have most likely only begun to scratch the surface of the potential that current and emerging technologies can offer. It is a fascinating and innovative time for psychological science as it embraces technology to support the dissemination and greater access and reach to evidence-based treatments, preventative programmes and for the first time the potential to globalise these efforts.

In collaboration with our partners, we are exploring many new avenues of implementation and research using online delivered interventions. With the innovative and highly engaging SilverCloud platform we are certainly breaking new ground in the development and delivery of online psychological interventions. Check out some of the research we are engaged with presently on the research link. The broad strategic areas of interest include:

  • Efficacy and effectiveness of digital health interventions
  • Qualitative psychological experiences of service users and supporters
  • Long-term conditions management
  • Cultural adaptation and personalisation of digital health interventions
  • Implementation science & practice
  • Methodologies and designs
  • Natural data analytics and data mining, performance and learning
  • Device integration and experimentation